What Configuration is Required for Geodesic Dome Tent Hotel?

December 05,2019

The spherical geodesic dome tent hotel has won the favor of the public with its excellent outdoor sleeping quality and unique viewing experience. The geodome tent hotel is easy to set up and convenient to shipping. The modular design makes the dome tents more diverse, and the construction process does not require deep digging of foundations and complex water and soil works. As a temporary building, it can be used in the environmentally sensitive scenic area. It can also be built in Some non-constructive land. For outdoor landscapes areas with tight land use, this can provide a large amount of temporary accommodation space, which eases the accommodation pressure during the tourist season. In order to provide the quality of outdoor accommodation, what configuration is required for the tent hotel?

The general tent hotel manufacturer will provide frame and covers of dome tents, which is the main part of the tent hotel. but other equipment is also very important. BDiR dome tent provides customers with one-stop tent hotel design&customization services, customers can stay directly in the bag, without worrying about the complicated and cumbersome procurement process. At the same time, it also provides the overall planning services of the dome tent camp as well as the interior design proposals, so that clients can take less detours when building tent hotel camps.

The interior configuration of the spherical tent hotel rooms first includes the design of the deck or floor. Because the location of the spherical tent hotel is usually quite special, it is usually equipped with a specific deck or viewing platform. Many of the designed platforms can also be used as tent interiors, usually wood preservative platforms. The internal configuration, taking into account the climate problems in different regions, usually need to be equipped with air conditioning or floor heating, heating furnaces and other temperature control equipment, BDiR provides insulation layer Wall to ensure indoor temperature stability.

BDiR offers geodesic dome tent with a diameter of 4-10 meters, which is suitable for most Camping Sites. The space inside of camping dome tent is open and bright. The glamping tents can be equipped with platforms, floors, walls and observation decks. It can be equipped with large beds and Crepe. Air-conditioning, lighting, exquisite home, bathroom equipment, etc. create a five-star outdoor luxury tent hotel. In the alpine region, you can choose to use elastic cloth and insulation cotton to improve the warmth of the tent pods and ensure that the temperature inside of dome tent house is moderate.

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