What is Eco-friendly Tent Campsite?

October 30,2020

The ecological tented campsite has a certain natural scenery, and people can use their own camping facilities such as tents, RVs or rented cabins, mobile villas, luxury tent lodges and other places to travel for a short time or long time to live. The ECO  Camp is a small entertainment & leisure & safety community with entertainment facilities and performances, with public service facilities, sports play equipment.

Ecological tent campsites are often built in the areas that are far from the city, beautiful scenery and close to nature, and strive to provide people with freedom and relaxation, unlike the fast-paced entertainment & leisure experience of the city.


Eco structures Campsites can be divided into six types depending on the environment.


1. Mountain campsite

This kind of Glamping tent resort designed & built with mountains as the main background.

In addition to camping areas, living service areas, and general leisure sports facilities, mountain campsites also use to create activities such as rock climbing and mountain biking.

2. Island type campsite

This eco tent structures campsite is built on the island.

This camping site is surrounded by the sea, on the small island, and characterized by water. In addition to the basic necessary facilities, the campsite will also provide people with a variety of sea and underwater sports.

3. Lakeside campsite

As the name implies, this type of campsite built in the lakeside. The lake  should have a certain scale.

Without the waves and turbulence of the sea, the lake remains quiet for most of the time, so the lakeside campsites are more peaceful and quiet. People can go fishing, boating, skinning, canoeing and more.


4. Beachfront campsite


This type of campsite built on the waterfront.

This type of campsite is built on the seaside and often features a rich beach and sea activities. Beach volleyball, tennis, undersea adventures, boat activities, etc. are attractive projects for this type of campsite.

5. Forest campsite

The campsite with a forest as a big environment. These campsites are surrounded by lush forests. The environment is beautiful and original, the air is fresh & natural. It is an ideal choice for people to enjoy the holiday time and natual life.The plants and animals around the campsite can be a great holiday, and the leisure trails are ideal for relaxing.


6. Country campsite


This campsites built in rural villages.

This kind of camping site is often integrated with the village. The living service facilities in the village, such as shops, become the facilities of the camping site. People can enjoy the leisure and soothing life unique to the country, and feel the simple folk and unique customs. You can also experience farm labor.

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