What is the Ferry Terminal Tensile Membrane Architecture?

November 07,2019

The Ferry Terminal tensile membrane architecture, as its name suggests, is the tensile membrane architecture on the Ferry Terminal. The pier, also known as the ferry, is a long levee that extends from the shore to the water. It may also be just a row of stairs that extend into the water from the shore. Most of them are man-made civil engineering buildings, or they may be naturally formed.

According to the classification of the use, the terminal can be divided into four types:
Passenger terminal
Mainly for passengers to board the ship, small passenger terminals may only be used for small vessels such as street crossings and speedboats, while large passenger terminals, such as cruise terminals, can be used for large cruise ships.

2. Freight terminal
It is mainly used for loading and unloading goods. It can be classified into public cargo terminals, container terminals, oil terminals, mineral terminals, river trade terminals and general cargo terminals.

3. Car terminal
It is for some special ship berths (mostly large special ships) to allow the cars on the land to get on the ship and the cars on the ship to disembark.

4. Container terminal

A Ferry Terminal dedicated to container loading and unloading.

With the development of the modern construction industry, the tensile membrane architecture has been applied to more and more places, and it has been widely received by enterprises and consumers. Of course, the terminal is also one of them. Whether it is a passenger terminal or a cargo terminal, or a car terminal, as long as there is a place to transport the transfer station, there is a possibility to apply the tensile membrane architecture. In particular, the passenger terminal uses a tensile membrane architecture roof at the resting point, which can play the role of sunshade and rain, which is basically the same as the function of the bus station and the parking shed tensile membrane architecture.
The Ferry Terminal tensile membrane architecture is characterized by its unique and beautiful curved surface, which is simple, bright, rigid and soft, and the combination of strength and beauty presents a refreshing feeling. The Ferry Terminal tensile membrane architecture has good environmental protection, light transmission and self-cleaning. The surface of the tensile membrane is coated with PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) or titanium dioxide coating, which has good heat insulation effect and can reflect solar heat. 70% off, the film itself absorbs 17%, heat transfer 13%, and light transmittance is more than 20%, after 10 years of direct sunlight, its brightness can still retain 70%.

The tensile membranes used in fireproof and shock-resistant tensile membrane architectures have excellent flame retardancy and high temperature resistance, so the tensile membrane architecture at the Ferry Terminal can also meet the fire protection requirements. Because the pier tensile membrane architecture is light in weight, flexible architecture and large deformation capacity, the seismic performance is good. Another advantage of using tensile membrane structural materials on the wharf is that the construction period is short: the cutting of the tensile membrane material, the synthetic steel architecture of the skeleton and the steel architecture of the skeleton, and the steel cable are all processed in the factory. The assembly only needs to be assembled on site, and the construction is simple, so the construction period is shorter than the traditional construction. .

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