The Ultimate Luxury, Five-Star Spherical Dome Tent Restaurant Hidden in the Desert!

October 12,2020

The desert area has been sparsely populated for a long time. It has always maintained a strong mysterious color and exotic style. It is a mysterious place that many people yearn for, but in such a deserted Middle Eastern desert, there is a luxury tent restaurant that you can't imagine!

There are about 40 tent hotels in the desert camp. In combination with the number of tourists, we have chosen a spherical geodesic dome size of 25 meters in diameter. The 500 square meters of dining space is enough to meet the needs of all tourists on the camp! The interior of the dome tent is a completely clear span of space. The customer has transformed the spherical dome tent into a five-star wild luxury tent restaurant with exotic features.

The spherical geodesic dome tent design has reserved a part of the transparent viewing space. The dining process not only shows the surrounding scenery, but also looks up at the stars at night and enjoys the wonderful experience of eating under the stars! Every detail in the tent restaurant has been carefully designed, with internal water and electricity layout, lighting and air conditioning, creating a luxurious and comfortable dining environment, and the restaurant is also equipped with a telescope, so that visitors can explore the vastness of the stars and bring you a unique experience that is unforgettable!

It is incredible to have such a luxurious hotel restaurant in the desert, and it is even more surprising that the restaurant is built with tents, but this successful application in the desert camp undoubtedly shows the potential of spherical tents in the supporting applications of the scenic spots!

Due to the limitation of geographical environment, many scenic camps are not suitable for the construction of fixed buildings, while spherical tents have less restrictions on terrain conditions and do not damage the environment. The stable frame structure can resist wind and rain for 10 years, even in deserts and mountains. There is no problem with the environment like the beach!

Moreover, BDiR Inc. can provide a variety of choices of 3-100 meters in diameter on the spherical tent, which can meet the space requirements of various services such as accommodation, reception, coffee shop, service center, large restaurant, event venue, etc. The camp's public service supporting planning problem!

The performance of the restaurant in the desert camp undoubtedly highlights the advantages of the spherical tent. From the aspects of cost, efficiency and practicality, it is very suitable for the supporting space needs of the scenic camp. The large spherical tent will become the choice for the supporting space of the future scenic camp. 

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