The Special Spherical Dome Tent Building for People's Social Business Events & Activities

November 12,2019

Let us take a look at the special spherical dome tent building.

Different architectural styles have their unique architectural styling characteristics, and their unique aesthetics are expressed through unique architectural elements. For those who are used to high-rise buildings, a uniquely shaped building can become a focus of attention, and the architectural style of modular spherical geodome tent is a building with such advantages.

In recent years, the modular geodesic dome tents have become more and more suitable for people's social business event & activities, because of their unique shape, quick disassembly, small packing size for transportation and unparalleled ability to lighting, these features are the most Meet the individual needs of mobile buildings. Compared with the closed geodesic dome tent, the half-spherical tent has more avant-garde and stylish structural design in addition to most of its features, and the space utilization is more prominent.

1. the appearance is more attractive

In terms of appearance, the geodesic dome tent breaks through the conventional hemisphere or the whole ball design, adopting an open structure closer to nature, in addition to retaining the shape of the ball, and more ornamental and attractive.

2. Strong spatial scalability

In terms of space utilization, the open spherical tent is connected to the external space, which infinitely expands the number of people that can be accommodated, and also improves its own ductility and facilitates the change of functions. In other words, the open spherical tent has more space for ductility and a wider range of functions.

3. high-tech ball screen projection system

The spherical tent has a unique advantage in the shape structure. It can be projected by 720° ball screen on the curved structure of the spherical tent through light and technology, forming a unique audio-visual effect and a mysterious sense of space. As a stage, the open-plan spherical tent is equipped with beautiful lighting and perfect stage equipment to ignite the enthusiasm of the audience; as a concert venue, the open-plan spherical tent can accommodate thousands of people; as an amphitheatre, It can face audiences from all over the world and showcase their wonderful performances to more people. In addition, the open spherical tent can also be used for product launches, exhibitions, multi-purpose conference halls, etc.

BDiR also has a series of spherical awning shapes, such as semi-elliptical spherical tents, waist-shaped spherical tents, etc., to meet the individual needs of different customers, providing more choices for outdoor events & activities.

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