Which Chinese Company is Good at Supply Sport Grandstand Textile Structure?

November 12,2019

The textile structure stands generally refer to the stands that use the textile structure engineering. textile structure engineering is usually built on the top of the stands to protect the sun and rain. With the continuous improvement of science and technology and aesthetic level, the beautification effect of sports stands has been paid more and more attention. The film structure is presented with its unique beautiful curved surface, which is simple, bright, rigid and soft, and the perfect combination of force and beauty. With a refreshing feeling, this is also the textile structure stand is loved by the majority of people.

So what are the advantages and characteristics of the textile structure stand? The following is by Marriott to explain to everyone. textile structure stands are a great application of textile structure engineering, and textile structure buildings can cover the entire stands very well. The tension structure of the textile structure makes the space span of the building large, and at the same time reduces the structure of the grandstand building, so that the overall weight of the textile structure grandstand structure is reduced, so that the construction is easy and safe. This is also an important reason for the choice of textile structure stands. The surface of the textile is coated to prevent the erosion of dust and rain, and to protect the textile structure from the use of the product.

The use of textile structures in sports stands can better reflect this characteristic of textile structures. Compared with traditional stands, the stadium textile structure stands the atmosphere of the stands, the lines are simple and clear, can shade and shelter from the rain, and combines practicality and elegance. It has the characteristics of beautiful shape, large space span, light weight and long service life. The structure of the stadium textile structure is beautiful and generous, and the space span is large. It better reflects the advantages of the textile structure building space span, and the construction period is short. The characteristics of textile structure are getting more and more attention. It is precisely because more and more designs use textile structure to replace traditional concrete buildings, and the textile structure is affordable, textile structure companies are also increasing rapidly, and textile structure engineering is everywhere visible.

So, if you want to be a stadium textile structure stand, which company should you choose? Of course, choose BDiR Inc.

BDiR Space Structure Engineering Co., Ltd. has been established for 10 years and is currently one of China's high-end textile structure technology companies. The plant covers an area of 30 mu, with textile processing workshop, testing workshop and steel structure finishing workshop. It is the governing unit of the China Steel Structure Association Space Structure Branch. It has the first-class qualification of textile structure contracting, the first-class qualification of design, and the third-class qualification of steel structure. 

Marriott textile structure is widely used in commercial plazas, stadiums, bus stations, toll stations, sewage pool cover textile structures, biogas tank cover textile structures, transportation facilities, environmental protection facilities, landscape facilities, cultural facilities, parking sheds, steel structure workshops, etc. The textile structure is designed and installed, and the textile material is processed.

BDiR Inc. engaged in offering a complete turn-key solution for all types of Tensile Structures. We offer design, installation, fabrication and maintenance services. Our product range includes: Tensile Structure, Shade Structure, Fabric Structure, Car Parking Shade Structure, Luxury Hotel Tent, Dome Tent, etc.

For your Tensile Structure solutions by BDiR, please contact us today: sales@bdir.com

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