What Configuration Is Needed For The Interior Of The Geodesic Dome Tent Hotel

November 04,2020

With ultimate outdoor and wild experience and design viewing experience, the tent hotel has won great popularity of the customers. Geodesic dome tent can be very convenient for installation and transportation as they adopt a modular design. In addition, in the process of building a glmmping hotel, there is no need to dig the complex foundation like traditional buildings. Although the hotel tent is a temporary building, it can be said to be a semi-permanent building. For its convenience of installation, it is widely used in scenic camps, providing more accommodation space thus alleviate the accommodation pressure of peak season of local scenic spots. So what configuration is needed for the interior of the tent hotel?

The glamping tent will provide the outer steel frame and tarpaulin, which is the main part of the tent hotel. Also, the other equipment inside is of great significance. Tent hotels manufactures will  provide customers with one-stop solution from design to installation. Customers can check in directly with their bags, without worrying about the troubles caused by the complicated and tedious procurement process. At the same time, it also provides overall planning services for the camp and interior design suggestions, so that customers can avoid detours when building a tent hotel camp.

The interior configuration of the tent hotel first includes the design of the platform or the flooring. Because the location of tent hotels is usually special, they are usually equipped with specific platforms or viewing platforms. Many platforms  usually are anti-corrosion wood. The internal configuration, taking into account the climate problems in different regions, usually needs to be equipped with temperature control equipment such as air conditioning or floor heating, heaters, etc. The thermal insulation layer provided can ensure the stable indoor temperature.

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