Spherical Outdoor Event Structures have Different Advantages when Applied to Different Activities

November 09,2020

Modern arch and dome structures are divided into many different types, namely, all-white spherical tents, semi-transparent spherical tents, transparent spherical tents, etc. Each has its own characteristics and is suitable for many different activities .

1. White fully enclosed modern dome structures — exhibitions, expositions, hotel tents, etc.

The white fully enclosed a frame prefab kit can add color to the activities from the appearance. The pure white huge dome tent visually highlights the noble and high-end temporary buildings. The interior view is 360° without dead ends and pillars. , Bring you a brand new activity experience, 360° brand new visual experience.

With 100% space utilization in the pvc garden frame, exhibits can be arranged according to personal special ideas, and exhibits can be displayed creatively. As an attractive advantage. For the space requirements of the exhibition, even multiple all-white spherical tents can be linked together for application.


2. Semi-transparent space frame dome — hotel tents, press conferences, commercial promotions, etc.

This semi-transparent great outdoors gazebo is special. Because it is a semi-transparent and semi-white spherical tent, it brings a new vision from the appearance, so from the attractiveness of the appearance to the use of indoor barrier-free space, it can be used for various The needs of venues, businesses, and events provide solutions. The spherical tent is sturdy and safe, and has great wind resistance. The appearance design is both safe and beautiful. As a hotel tent, it can bring a dreamy effect to the residents. It is easy to be romantic, elegant, and enjoy warm moments exclusively.

3. Transparent prefab commercial tent — hotel tents, large conferences, party activities, coffee shops, sports venues

The transparent dome building kit is made of special high-strength steel pipe, the surface is galvanized or painted, and the roof is made of PVC tarpaulin. It can be equipped with glass doors, the size and diameter include 4-60M. Its unique and beautiful shape, changeable tarpaulin design style, transparent tarpaulin used in activities highlight the high-end activities and European and American styles, and it has become a high quality. Highlight the charm of various activities.

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