What are the Structural Forms of Fabric Roof in the UAE

April 17,2020

The United Arab Emirates is located in the east of the Arabian Peninsula, bordering the Persian Gulf in the north, Qatar in the northwest, bordering Saudi Arabia in the west and south, and the coastline adjacent to Oman in the east and northeast is 734 kilometers long, with a total area of 83600 square kilometers. What about the pvc shade structure form in it ?

1. Suspension cable

Suspension cable is the most simple way of tensioning. There is only cable between the corner of the membrane and the support. However, due to the performance of the membrane material, it is impossible to achieve a large span for pure anchor-tensioned curved surfaces. In harsh areas, it is not advisable to exceed the construction span of a single modeling unit.

This type of support is suitable for small-scale membrane construction.

2. Cable Truss

On the basis of suspension cable tension, the use of structural cable truss structure fulcrum effectively reduces the unit span, the combination of multiple membrane units can form a large-area model. The cable truss is a large-span structural form with light visual effects, and it is also an excellent choice to cooperate with the tensile roofing structures.

3. Cable Dome

The cable dome and the membrane are a seamless and unparalleled combination, which best embodies the idea of "use less and use more". However, the high technical requirements of the cable dome, the difficulty of construction and the large cost are the difficulties in the domestic application.

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