Go on Safari to See the Wildebeest Migration in Kenya

October 12,2020

Some people say that if you only have two opportunities to travel to another continent in your life, then go to Africa twice.

Kenya is located in the east of Africa, with the equator running through the middle and the Great Rift Valley running through the north and south. This is the location of "One of the Most Beautiful Films of the 20th Century" "Out of Africa" and one of the birthplaces of human beings known as the "Heart of Africa". It has a unique natural miracle, from the towering mountains to the rolling grasslands to the beach coast. It also has animal migration that brings death and ushers in new life, lasting tens of thousands of years, attracting more than 200,000 tourists every year.

The wildlife migration in East Africa occurs between the Serengeti steppe in Tanzania and the Masai Mara steppe in Kenya. It is a regular annual migration activity of wild animals (mainly wildebeest, zebra, gazelle) in search of water and herbivorous. Arrived at the junction of Tanzania and Kenya in July and August: Mara River. After crossing the Mara River, enter Kenya, the famous Masai Mara grassland!

When you go on safari in Kenya, luxury safari tent is highly recommended for your stay on the beautiful Masai Mara grassland.

Luxury tented camps can meet the challenges of wilderness environment delivering extraordinary wild experiences with ultimate comfort and durability for the guest. There are everything in the Eco cabin. It is safe to sleep while you can hear the coaxing of animals outside the hotel.Book a trip out Kenya and try some African safari tents—trust me, it's a lot more glamorous than you'd think.

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