How about the Performance of the Pvc Geodesic Dome Construction

October 12,2020

More and more people choose project dome in the market, especially PVC large dome tents are one of the most popular tents, and are also widely used in outdoor activity.

Material properties of mobile dome construction:

The domes frame is made of galvanized tube, and the cover is made of PVC cloth. It is the mainstream material for outdoor activity dome tents, and different manufacturers will have different processes and specifications. The project dome tent will adopt thickened specifications when selecting galvanized pipes, and its surface will also be hot dip galvanized or sprayed with anti-corrosion treatment, which can ensure that the custom dome tent has 8-12 level wind resistance and load bearing Ability, service life up to more than 5 years!

The covered PVC membrane is treated with a special coating. The thickness of PVC tarpaulin and transparent tarpaulin has been specially treated. PVC membrane is not easy to damage, waterproof, thermal insulation, flame retardant, tear resistance, etc. The performance is superior, and it can withstand more than -30 degrees even at the lowest temperature, so the use of prefab dome structure in ice and snow environments is not a problem. Therefore, the PVC large dome tent has a very comprehensive performance, it has a variety of specifications and style options, and there are no restrictions on any construction environment!

In summary, the PVC dome roof construction has excellent comprehensive performance, can cope with various outdoor conditions, and can customize various styles, such as inkjet, projection and ball screen. This is a great choice for outdoor gazebo ,glamping ,and greenhouse !

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