What Are The Advantages Of Glamping Tents

May 18,2021

Now more and more people and scenic spots recognize and use eco glamping tents. So, what are the advantages of using it? The tents mainly have the following five advantages.

1.Low site requirements and flexible construction

Wild glamping tent is a removable and mobile building, adopting high-strength aluminum alloy and fire-retardant pvc tarpaulin. Its overall weight is light and the ground requirements are not that high. Generally, only a flat site is required. The construction is eco friendly and it can be moved and dismantled as many times as required, and it can even be built following the conditions of the mountain.

2.Long life span and strong structure

Although in most cases, luxury tents pods are used as temporary buildings. But our tent hotel is designed and manufactured in accordance with semi-permanent building safety standards.

3.Cost effective and short construction period

Compared with traditional concrete buildings, it does not require complex foundations, which can save a large amount of investment and valuable construction time. In addition, it requires less complicated approval procedures, and time and other costs are almost nothing. Last but not least, it can be quickly designed and constructed within a few days.

4.Rich style for choice

The tent hotel is beautiful in appearance, and there are many styles to choose from. As far as the span is concerned, you can choose the span from 3 meters to 50 meters. In terms of shape, there are many styles such as A-shaped top, pointed top, flat top, curved top, spherical and special shape.

5.Easy for maintenance

The daily maintenance of the luxury glamping tents is very simple. There are few steps and easy to master, and you can master the maintenance through a few hours of training. At the same time, modular universal components are used, and product parts are easy to replace, which greatly extends the service life of the tent hotel.

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