Guangchang's First Super Beautiful Starry Sky Tent Hotel

May 19,2021

Surrounded by green trees, full of fragrance of flowers, wild luxury tent
Pillow the stars into a dream, wake up with the fragrance
Don't have to wade through mountains and rivers
In Changqiao Fragrant Flower Bay
Sleep in the newly constructed starry dome tent hotel in Xianghuawan
Explore the wild together
Have a romantic and fun time

This is the first starry sky tent hotel in Guangchang County. There are 12 rooms in total, of which 7 starry sky tent rooms are warm and lovely. Looking at it, it seemed as if a string of immortal pearls had fallen into the world, and when I glanced at it, I was deeply attracted.

At the foot of the green mountain, beside the stream, a unique starry sky tent hotel was built between the heaven and the earth. Get special food, scenic spots, leisure travel, outdoor sports, camping and picnics in one place...it will give you an extremely refreshing experience and rich enjoyment in the restless early summer.

The hotel's materials are all built with new green environmental protection materials. The white semi-circular hotel tent looks like a cute little white cat as a whole. It is elegant and designed, stylish and charming. Each room has its own bathroom, air-conditioning, table and chairs and other facilities.

Enjoy ritual afternoon tea on the lawn during the day, and enjoy the exclusive barbecue grill at night, eat barbecue with beer, sing and dance, come to a valley concert, redefine camping with the landscape of Fragrant Flower Bay, and open a new way of life with camping.

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