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May 24,2021

BDiR Inc. engaged in offering a complete turn-key solution for all kinds of Eco Tent Structure. We design, fabrication, installation, and maintenance luxury Tent Structures for camps & resorts all around the world. Our product range includes: Bell Tent, Safari Tent, Luxury Glamping Pods, Tensile Fabric Tent Structure, Dwell Geodesic Dome, etc
We have been working in a city made of steel and concrete for so long. Have you long wanted to have this idea: "I want to go to the wild away from the hustle and bustle of nature, even if it takes a long time.

2021.4.10 Bad Yier Space Structure Co., Ltd. organized the first collective activity since the beginning of 21 years-Spring Outing
With the goal of letting everyone get close to our products and see what the final effect of its actual application project is, how to deal with the details and the purpose of relaxing away from the computer, we set out.

Since the destination to go to is far away from Shenzhen, the friends arrived at the company on time at 7:30. I thought that everyone would be sleepy when I got up early, but I didn’t expect to be more energetic than sleeping more. Angry. We will set off after the assembly.After a two-hour drive, I finally arrived at the destination.They all look great. There are our pumpkin-shaped tents, conch tents, geodesic dome tents, and some halls made of tension structure houses, as well as portable Internet celebrity tents.Everyone is curious to know why we didn’t choose this type of tent. If you think about it, let’s do it. Unzip the zipper of the tent and there is another layer. When it is opened, a sultry breath comes out, and there is only one mattress for sleeping. A simple hanger.Finally solved the puzzle, quickly restore it and escape from the scene.

The next time is showtime for everyone's spring outing time! Let's start our spring outing, go into the mountains!
After three roads and eighteen bends, I finally arrived at Qixidi, Qingyuan.

Have a hand-washing ceremony before viewing the scenery, and use the fresh leaves in the bamboo basket as soap.

Stepped on the spice sawdust and walked into the hall.

Due to professional habits, everyone was first attracted by the tension structure roof of the hall.

This is a natural spice planting base. There are four incense-making facilities left over from ancient times. There are 338 kinds of spice planted in various incense roads. The incense roads are built around 7 streams. There are many kinds of incense here. Related activities can be selected. Now only the first phase of the site is open, and the second phase is under development and construction.

The little brother in the park is explaining to us the map of the park’s infrastructure and activities.

Spice storeroom

Ancient Incense Ruins

Drying yard

Incense Making Appliances Cultural Center

Find the corresponding plant according to the instructions on this table

Experience the charm of the stone mill, this stone mill is used to grind dried spices

Peach Blossom Island, I just missed the flowering period when I went

Of course, the fun doesn't stop there. There are many facilities in the mountains, and you can even experience activities such as rice planting.
This event is over, looking forward to the next trip.

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