Weishui Auto-camping Ground, Special Experience Of Glamping Tents

October 13,2020

If you have experienced all the embarrassments of outdoor camping, such as lack of water, inconvenient access to the toilet, as well as facing the bad weather, then you should have imagined what an ideal camping site looks like.

There are mountains and waters, fairy tale tree houses, geodesic dome tents, and RV tents equipped with beds, TVs, toilets and other facilities. You can barbecue in the jungle or play ball as you like. Located in zongzi City, Hubei province, the camping base is the country's first five-star car self-driving sports camp. There are large lawns and car camps, which can provide basic fundamental functions such as water, electricity, and gas supply for the RV.

Among them, the geodesic dome star-gazing tent is made of PVC fabrics, having standard hotel facilities such as beds, TVs, and toilets. The most special thing is that the tent has a transparent area of one-third, allowing people to lie on the bed and watch the stars.

There is a RV hotel here. The cabin of the RV is the hotel room. There is a firefly breeding pool nearby, there is a wild luxury tents built on the lake, and there is a tent "self-driving treasure" specially designed for non-RV self-driving tourists. Just drive into a tent, you can enjoy the same facilities as an RV. The camp area is equipped with a tourist service center and living facilities. In addition to experiencing glamping tents, barbecues, a variety of outdoor projects, there are also rural scenery with beautiful landscapes and flowers, and jungle adventure projects.

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