Camping and Tourism, "Wild Luxury" Tent Hotels have Become a Popular Trend

October 14,2020

The world never lacks natural beauty,
There is no shortage of luxury hotels,
When the two are combined,
What kind of sparks will collide?

Combining "wildness" and "luxury",
It can be said to be a return to nature,
Have a quality attitude towards life.

In recent years, "wild luxury Glamping tent hotels" have taken the world by storm.
It is people's ultimate yearning for returning to the basics,
Let us walk into nature today,
Interact with mountains, rivers and forests,
Explore the luxurious beauty of nature.

Today let us introduce the Goedestic dome tent house.

Geodesic Dome Glamping Tent,
Its greatest charm lies in:
You can have a close contact with nature while enjoying comfort,
Create an ecological, low-carbon, exquisite and stylish outdoor tent hotel,
Bring a fresh hotel experience to sojourners.

The campsite is surrounded by large green grassland, surrounded by mountains, and the air is fresh. The front side adopts a semi-curved transparent design, which shows the overall beauty to the fullest, creating an excellent experience in nature for everyone. Looking around, Surrounded by lush green plants and blue sky and white clouds, it gives people a comfortable and lazy vacation experience.

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