Winter is Approaching, How to Solve the Heat Insulation Measures for Dome Roof Construction?

October 16,2020

As a wild garden room, it has been used outdoors for a long time. Even in a variety of different environments, it is subject to wind and rain all year round, and in the four seasons of the year, it will face high or low temperature severe weather, but the geodesic dome home needs to be able to resist various influencing factors. However, if you want to create a safe and comfortable accommodation experience, the operator must not ignore various issues, such as the indoor temperature problem. How to solve the heat insulation measures of the tent hotel?

1. The temperature control equipment should be installed well, mainly to install air-conditioning, windows, exhaust fans and other equipment in the dome shaped structure. Because this is the key to do well, it can better solve the problem that the indoor temperature can reach a more comfortable state for customers, which can improve the comfort of the eco resort accommodation multiple times.

2. As a wild shelter pod tent, the key is to focus on the wild, and it is also closely related to the natural environment forest scenic spot and various green areas. In such an environment, although the inclement weather is irresistible, there are convenient solutions to prevent heat and heat insulation. Make good use of the advantages of the natural environment to satisfy the thermal insulation effect of the tent hotel.

3. The important point is that the main material of the tiny eco homes is to use PVC scraping coated synthetic fiber cloth as the main material of the dome architecture, and the membrane material will be used as the roof of the tent hotel to effectively prevent wind, Waterproof, anti-snow disaster, etc. In addition, high-performance materials such as heat-absorbing cotton can be added to maintain the stability and comfort of indoor temperature.

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