Romance under the Stars Hotel Tents in the off-road Camp

October 19,2020

Galloping in the sand during the day, listening to the roar of the motor. Watch the splendid starry sky at night, enjoy the moon and chat with you.

There is a place in the 2020 15th Off-Road E-Clan Alashan Heroes Meeting, where you can feel the quiet and profound romance. Looking up at the starry sky, covering the sky with the earth as a shelter, poetry and the distance seem to be within reach .

The professional tent hotel  gives the cross-country people who stay overnight in the desert one more choice. It meets the needs of consumers to get close to nature and pursue uniqueness and novelty. It is comfortable and retains the characteristics of camping.

Away from the city, with a bright moon in the sky, dynamic music is faintly heard from the stage in the distance, family and friends are in front of you, and you are in the endless desert. This may be the most "wild" romance under the Alxa starry sky.

Such happy hours will become your good memories, and these are brought by the lexury family safari tent.

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