The Geodesic Dome Tent is A Novel Outdoor Experience

October 12,2020

The geodesic dome tent is a novel outdoor experience. You can watch the starry sky and starry sky at night. Although you are in the countryside and grassland, you can also enjoy the treatment of 5 million stars. The glamping tent house is made of galvanized iron pipe/or steel pipe, and high-strength aluminum alloy profiles. The tarpaulin is made of PVC film. The spherical tent has reliable wind, rain, and flame retardant properties.

The interior of the glamping tent can be equipped with comfortable furniture and can be freely decorated, such as lining, lighting, TV, sofa, bathroom system, bed, and it can be said that the sparrow is small and complete, so the spherical tent can easily create a rich and creative outdoor space. Living in the starry sky hotel tent, in the starry sky wilderness and nature, quietly listening to the sounds of nature, feeling the peaceful life, the spherical tent hotel can get better performance.

The camping tent has a strong development trend in combination with the development of tourist attractions. Perhaps modern people are tired of the pressure of city life and work on weekdays, and the wild luxury life is gradually pursued by the public; and the birth of the starry sky tent hotel is to make The experiencer re-searches for a new peaceful lifestyle and retrieves the truest self.

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