Transparent Dome Restaurant is not Afraid of Wind and Rain - It is Fashionable in Itself

January 15,2021

In this bright season, the outdoor restaurant gazebo has become the darling of diners, the gentle sunshine, accompanied by the freshness of nature, is comfortable and relaxing. Merchants use the empty space as restaurants, but terrace restaurants are often affected by weather issues, so how can the featureless space the original panoramic features and beautify them?

Have you seen the transparent tent restaurant? The transparent tent house of BDiR Inc. can be transformed into a restaurant, while solving weather problems and becoming a landscape.

The custom canopy tent of BDiR Inc. is composed of a fully transparent PVC tarpaulin and a steel tube net shell structure, which is wind- and dust-proof and has the characteristics of rapid construction, short construction period, low construction cost, and construction will not damage the surrounding environment or affect the surrounding environment. Shops around.

The outdoor commercial restaurant tents is easy to install and low-cost, which is very suitable for outdoor restaurants and rooftop restaurants. With festive lighting in the transparent house, an internet celebrity check-in point was born! As an economic model of night travel, it can quickly return to the cost.

The transparent restaurant tent house, no dead spots for shooting, enjoying the scenery and delicious food, dining in a natural and comfortable atmosphere, with lights in the ball, warm sunset oblique light, various lights gradually light up, starry sky twinkling, sitting on the city night view , The romantic feeling reaches its extreme.

The transparent large canopy tent can be built into a private room, providing an independent space for family gatherings or guests who like quietness, and fully enjoy the beautiful dining experience without being disturbed by others. Family dinners, birthday parties, parties, banquets are all great!

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