The Wild Luxury Dome Tents for Vacation

April 12,2021

Close contact with nature is the pursuit of luxury for most people, and also the call of humanity. The luxurious and beautiful open-air dome tent hotel offers visitors who like it an opportunity to get in touch with nature. Today I will introduce you to the dome tent hotel . The wild tent hotel is a new way of vacation. Living in the hotel tent of the resort, you will feel the embrace of returning to nature, bringing you a relaxed mood, full of exotic, so experience the wild tent hotel is a kind of enjoyment, now It is already a trendy way of vacation. The concept of wild luxury was proposed some years ago, but it has only been widely known in the past two years.  Wild luxury dome tents have also become a tourist attraction in time, and have been seated in RV camps. Hotel tents are very different from wooden houses or containers in that they have a strong plasticity. Regardless of whether it is in the south or north, whether in the plateau or rain forest, or in the grasslands, deserts, islands, etc., it can create relatively adaptive products. This adaptation is not only reflected in the performance of the product, but also in the cost and shape.



As a dome tent manufacturer, we offer a true one-stop service from overall planning, product performance, design, and interior decoration of tent hotels. Some outdoor dome tent hotels look like ordinary tents, but when you walk in, they are extraordinary and gorgeous. The humanized decoration design allows you to enjoy the treatment of a five-star hotel. Of course, there are also simple and low-key decorative designs, and the decoration is slightly monotonous. It allows you to feel a return to the life of the primitive society and return to the embrace of nature. 

If you are planning to enjoy your vacation, try out the outdoor dome tent hotel, I believe you will experience an unprecedented experience. If technological and economic progress are only exchanged for the indifference and coldness of man and nature, then it will be worthless. In this society where paper fans are drunk with gold and material desires, the unpretentious natural appeal becomes more and more precious. We are committed to the uninterrupted integration of people and nature. It does not need to be as complicated and public as a classic mansion, nor does it have any deliberate and ostentatious form. Only the simple and pure architectural vocabulary is full of peace. Recount a long and long history, a meaningful legend, a life that reads the bustling life without forgetting the original heart.

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