What are the insulation measures for glamping tents?

December 24,2019

No matter where hotel, resort or camp will be located - be it on water, rocks, desert, sand, a grassy plain, tropical beach, ice field or in dense rainforest -  the glamping tent can be built to last.  But how to make the glamping tent hotel comfortable in summer and warm in winter?

Insulation cotton -- The hotel tent adopts PVC knife-scraped coated synthetic fiber cloth as the main material of the hotel tent, which can effectively play the role of windproof, waterproof and anti-snow load. If you want to maintain the comfort of the internal temperature, you can add high-performance materials such as stretch cloth or insulation cotton. The insulation cotton has the function of preventing cold and heat insulation. The elastic cloth can closely attach the insulation cotton to the tarpaulin, so that the double insulation can better improve the indoor insulation effect. The insulation cotton must be determined according to the actual climate of the building and the local thickness of.

Thermal insulation wall -- In addition, hotel tents also have hollow glass walls and metal thermal insulation sandwich panel walls. These optional accessories have the characteristics of thermal insulation and play a key role in maintaining the stability and comfort of indoor temperature.

Temperature control equipment -- Temperature control equipment inside the tent is also very important. For example, air conditioning, heating and other equipment are installed in the tent of the hotel. If it is a particularly cold area, we will recommend you to use heating and stove equipment, including the outdoor terrace of the hotel tent, you can use outdoor heating equipment to create high-end wild luxury tent hotel.

BDiR Inc. also has many solutions for hotel tents' thermal insulation measures. According to the actual conditions of the camp or scenic area, we can provide you with cost-effective hotel tent thermal insulation solutions and high comfort living experience.

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