The Color of the Tension Membrane Structure Carport

December 23,2019

No one is unfamiliar with the parking shed, so do you know how to choose the color of the parking shade? Let me introduce you in detail below:

1, Blue
The blue tension membrane structure carport is often made of steel, and the material is usually made of architectural membrane or PVC sheet. Among them, eye-catching and dirt-resistance are the more prominent characteristics of blue car parking awnings, which are easy to identify. It is precisely because of this, the blue parking awnings do not need to stop cleaning too frequently. Therefore, it is suggested that the owners may use the roof information of blue architectural membrane when choosing a car parking awning made of steel.

2, Black and Gray
Black and gray tension membrane structure carport are mostly used in some industrial and mining areas, and parking awnings of this color generally have good shading. In addition, in the central part of the country where the sunlight is more intense, the car parking awning of this color is often used, which can block light and is also very resistant to dirt.

3, White and Green
Ordinary white tension membrane structure carport are used as artistic parking awnings and are frequently used in the squares or at the entrances of large supermarkets. In addition, the white car parking awnings are mostly made of PVD film, which has a beautiful appearance and fits the temperament of big cities. If you need to choose this white car parking awning, you must pay attention to the automatic cleaning and installation of the device, so that it can save the trouble of cleaning. Green parking awnings are mostly used by bus stations and some environmental protection units. Because green represents environmental protection, it is in line with the concept of environmental protection. At the same time, people often feel warm and relaxed when looking at the green parking awning.

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