Tension Membrane Structure-in Brazil

December 13,2019

Brazil's sports activities are very active, and it often participates in some intercontinental and international international competitions, and the level of many sports is constantly improving. The more popular items are football, basketball, volleyball, track and field, sailing, surfing, swimming, etc. Among them, the three most popular balls are the most popular, and the level is high. Brazilians love football. Whenever there is a football match, especially when there is a major football match, people are as lively as the festival. Football in Brazil is called the "national football". Brazil has a long history of football and a high level of football. Tension membrane stands are essential in stadiums.

Membrane structure stands attracted attention because of the flexible appearance of membrane materials, creating a new flexible architectural style, giving people a beautiful feeling. Membrane structure stands not only look good, but also have the characteristics of light weight and good mechanical properties, but also make it possible for large-span column-free building spaces. Therefore, under certain conditions (especially sports buildings), the membrane structure is an ideal choice that can greatly enrich the appearance of the building. The application of the membrane structure stands in the stadium brings a lot of convenience to the audience.

Tension membrane structure buildings can be insulated, insulated and soundproofed. Because the membrane structure stands use a double-layer membrane structure system and apply anti-condensation agents to weaken this effect, but it can only be weakened, and it cannot achieve a complete solution. In the summer, you can sit in the audience to protect yourself from the sun and rain. People will not be tanned when watching the game, which is a good choice for the stadium building in the school.
The cutting and heat sealing of the membrane is a unique process of the membrane structure, and it is also the most critical process of the construction of the membrane structure. The difficulty is conceivable because the planar cutting method is used to obtain the final complex spatial effect. If the cutting margin is too large, the film will be loose, and if it is too small, the collapse will be too tight. Over-tightening will cause wrinkles in the other direction. So its application is also based on technical clearance.

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