Some Advice for Your Success in Luxury Tent Hotel Management

May 13,2020

The investors of luxury tent hotels are tourism enterprises, real estate, landscape planner and designer, hotel management and tent manufacturer. In addition, furniture companies may also involve in tent hotels in the future in a bid to showcase their distinctive products and special lifestyles. There are also some large national forest parks where investment will be poured into to for the constrction of a leisure campsite featuring eco luxury tents.

As a relatively new and rising industry, luxury tent hotel is different with traditional hotels in terms of the actual applications. Because the structure and the interior decors of the luxury tent hotels must in compliance with local specific standards. Therefore, it is suggested that hoteliers should not dedicate too much effort and resources in the tent's structure and design but entrust it to the glamping experts and engineers.

Unlike the traditional that only care the return on investment, the glamping campsite is burgeoning by the the growing popularity and word of mouth effect. So the key of successful operation for tent hotel owners and managers lies in how to build up a inclusive and unique camping mode delivering unforgettable memories that visitors will reminisce about for years.

According to statistics, only about 50% of the profits of the tent hotel camp come from the revenue of room accommodation, and the remaining half come from related camping facilities, such as cycling, yoga, picnic, golf and other tourism products. For this reason, investors should plan in the long run. Instead of worrying the tent itself, glamping operation can try to package the eco tent accommodation with relaxation activities and other creative recreations, proving a diversified camping for every tourist which will definitely more popular and help boost the local economy, realizing win-win game.

Many people who invest in tent hotels are engaged in the whole process from tent concept design, construction to operation. But such a model often consumes a lot of resources and time. As a result, they cannot settle the balance and cause bad operation. Actually, all the work before operation can be handed to the professional and experienced glamping tent engineers, enabling themselves to focuse on the operational activities.

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