What's Material of the Etfe Membrane Structure Air dome?

September 11,2020

What material is the ETFE membrane structure air pillow made of? From the name point of view, it can be seen that the membrane structure air pillow is composed of ETFE material. 

The ETFE is ethylene-tetrafluoroethylene copolymer. The thickness of ETFE membrane is usually less than 0.20mm, which is a kind of transparent membrane. This membrane material will be used in the Water Cube venue, with a unique and beautiful appearance.

ETFE membrane is an alternative material with superior quality in transparent building structure. Over the years, it has proved to be a reliable and economical roof material with many advantages in many projects. The membrane is made of artificial high-strength fluoropolymer, and its unique anti-sticking surface makes it highly resistant to dirt and easy to clean. Usually rainwater can remove the main dirt.


ETFE membranes have a service life of at least 25-35 years and are ideal materials for permanent multi-layer movable roof structures. The membrane material is mostly used for two-layer or three-layer inflatable support structures with a span of 4 meters. It can also increase the membrane span according to the geometry and climatic conditions of special projects. The length of the membrane is easy to install as the standard, generally 15-30 meters. Small-span single-layer structures are also available in smaller sizes.


The ETFE membrane meets the B1 and DIN4102 fire rating standards, and will not drip when burned. And the quality of the film is very light, only 0.15-0.35 kg per square meter. This feature makes it a considerable advantage even in the case of membrane melting caused by smoke and fire.
Therefore, ETFE membrane is a very popular in the tensile structure, but the technical difficulty is relatively high. At present, ETFE membrane structure air pillow materials mainly rely on imports, so the price is generally much more expensive than other membrane materials.




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