What's Materials are Used for Tension Fabric Car Park Canopy in Bahamas?

May 08,2020

The Bahamas is located east of Florida, north of Cuba and the Caribbean Sea. The Bahamas contains 700 islands and coral reefs. The archipelago extends from northwest to southeast and is 1,220 kilometers long and 96 kilometers wide. It consists of more than 700 islands and more than 2,000 coral reefs, with a total area of 13,878 square kilometers, of which more than 20 islands are inhabited.

What membrane materials are generally used for membrane structure car parking shade? Membrane structure is a new type of building structure developed in the middle of the 20th century. Membrane structure is made of a variety of high-strength thin-film materials and reinforcing members (steel frame, steel column or steel cable) through a certain way to produce a certain pre-tension stress inside In order to form a certain space shape, as a covering structure, and can bear a certain external load effect of a spatial structure form. There are many uses around us, such as carports, stands, landscapes, etc.

The membrane materials of tension fabric structure are mainly PVDF, PTFE and ETFE. Among them, PVDF and PTFE are the most used. As our common membrane structure carport is the most commonly used membrane structure building, most membrane structure carports are constructed with PVDF membrane materials.

PVDF membrane material: Poly (vinylidene fluoride), the English abbreviation PVDF, mainly refers to vinylidene fluoride homopolymer or copolymer of vinylidene fluoride and other small amount of fluorine-containing vinyl monomer, which has the characteristics of fluorine resin and general resin In addition to good chemical resistance, high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, weather resistance, and radiation resistance, it also has special properties such as piezoelectricity, dielectricity, and thermoelectricity.

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