Luxury Glamping Tent-You Can Customize Whatever Type You Like

February 22,2021

Luxury glamping tents belong to a prefabricated structure, and all components are processed in accordance with the design drawings, so that an ideal camping tent can be built later. Regarding the production of Luxury glamping tent, it must be shaped according to the design, which means that the glamping tent is a completely customizable product.

Appearance size customization: BDiR Team supports a variety of product series such as spherical, polygonal, hexagonal, bimodal, shell-shaped, wild luxury version, vacation bungalow, star room, special-shaped structure, etc. In addition to these types, it can also be customized according to specific needs. According to the size and characteristics of your site, you can survey and judge in advance. You can also consult us to provide you with a unique Luxury galmping tent.

Soft decoration style can be customized: luxury glamping tent is the same as home decoration. First, determine the overall style according to the scenic environment, European, American, simple, modern or exotic style and theme. We can help you draw out the rendering according to your preset and judgment, and then Custom furniture and decoration. The basic optional accessories for glamping tent include platform, furniture, home appliances, lighting, bathroom, insulation system, floor, doors and windows, ceiling curtains, etc. In addition, some personalized customization is also accepted, such as bedding, carpet, decorative painting, bed Headlights, etc., can be customized according to your actual needs.

The use of functions can be customized: in addition to glamping tents for accommodation in camps or scenic spots, but in fact their functions are not limited to accommodation. If you want to create a more complete glamping resorts, then you must consider the additional functions of glamping tent, and build a one-stop hotel tent, restaurants, water bars, coffee shops, gyms, convenience stores and some public spaces that include eating, drinking, playing and living. And so on can more perfect your romantic glamping use needs.

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