Large Transparent 10m Dome Tents for Commercial Activities

March 18,2020

Since the appearance of the spherical tent, it has always been on the popularity list with its unique shape and fashionable simple style. The 10-meter spherical tent is used by more and more people for various types of commercial activities due to its small and convenient characteristics. Projects such as commercial exhibitions, event parties, brand promotion, etc. can find the figure of the transparent spherical tent. Organizers bring unexpected business benefits.

When considering the design of the transparent geodesic dome tent, it is more important to consider its safety. To this end, the BDiR Inc. tent uses a triangular grid design for the transparent 10-meter spherical tent frame, which is strengthened and fixed at each interface to make it more stable. In addition, each transparent ball tent will be tested for many times to ensure that there will be no errors when setting up the site, so that customers can worry more.

At the same time, BDiR Inc. can provide customers with customized services for project domes, and the effects presented by each design are also completely different, realizing customers' individual needs. For example, a 10-meter spherical tent not only makes the interior of the tent more spacious and bright, but also allows everyone to see the internal situation even when they are not in the tent, which becomes a focal point virtually. When the light is too strong, the transparent spherical tent can adopt a translucent design to increase the area of conventional PVC tarpaulin. When it is blocked from sunlight, it still has a semi-transparent place, which solves the lighting problem and can be painted on opaque places Various types of patterns and logos bring better publicity and promotion to the event.

Of course, no matter what kind of design, the quality of the transparent spherical tent is always the same. It has the good performance of wind resistance, water resistance, fire resistance and UV resistance, as well as quick assembly and disassembly, convenient storage and transportation, etc. 

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