Large Outdoor Event Dome Tent Design for GAC Acura Exhibition

November 27,2020

Outdoor event tent should be selected according to the scope of use. At present, the application of spherical tents is relatively broad, such as some large-scale outdoor activities, commercial brand promotion, celebrations, festivals, car tours, spherical tent hotels, tent restaurants, dome screens Projection theater and so on.

We once produced a 28m spherical shade shelter for the Guangzhou Automobile Acura exhibition.In the choice of tarpaulin: we chose 1/3 of the transparent area combined with white PVC membrane cloth. On the membrane cloth, we also used color inkjet printing to mark the event with its logo. For different activity effects, we also designed different types of doors.

At present, the high-end temporary dome shelter is popular with users. The actual design of the dome tent is more stable than other tent products. The whole dome tent refers to the design principle of the triangular mesh structure, which makes the safety structure of the spherical tent more secure.

In addition, the appearance of the outdoor canopy tent is more attractive than other traditional tents. The characteristics of breaking the conventional tent are not only fashionable, but also easier to impress the public. The spherical tent is a new innovation in outdoor venues.

The area of ​​the geodesic dome structure is different for different uses. The dome tent generally uses the diameter as the reference size, which directly affects the area of ​​the spherical tent. The conventional diameter of the spherical activity tent is 10 meters to 80 meters. Customized according to needs and floor space. Please contact us: [email protected]

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