How to Choose a Starry Sky Dome Tent?

December 01,2020

Star Geodesic Hotel tents have won unanimous praise from the market for their affordable prices, beautiful appearance, and comfortable and open interior space. As one of the most popular tent hotel products, many scenic spots, tourist areas, resorts, outdoor camping sites, etc. Consider using starry sky tents for hotel accommodations and build them into unique wild luxury tents, attracting tourists with romantic scenery and comfortable accommodation, then for major investors, how to choose starry sky spherical tent hotels? ?


Glamping Tent hotels need to consider the first issue of site selection, which needs to fully consider natural conditions, tourism resources, location transportation, infrastructure, etc., such as whether the surrounding environment of the starry sky tent is suitable. If it is too remote and dark, it may bring a feeling of depression to the residents. Sense; whether the location of the tent hotel is convenient for transportation. Many wild luxury tents in foreign countries will choose to be close to the airport and station, so that it is convenient for tourists to find the hotel location, but the tent hotel should not be too close to the road. The environment near the road is not very good. Affect the rest of tourists. The site selection problem is a university question and needs to be considered carefully.


The BDIR star sky Geodesic  hotel tent uses a steel frame structure assembled by hot-dip galvanized steel pipes, which can also be solved by electrostatic spraying on the surface, which is more beautiful and generous. The frame shear wall is designed by a technical professional engineering architectural structure designer. The outdoor tent has a diameter from 4 meters to 60 meters, and is assembled by triangular support points that are suitable for structural mechanics. It is convenient, fast and strong. Outdoor tents are made of PVC-coated fabric that meets my country’s environmental protection level. In addition to having strong ductility, it also has fire safety, shields ultraviolet rays, and responds to various extreme standards of wind and rain in the suburbs. 8 to ten years of use. The inner tent is selected from the same environmental protection and body insulation materials, which have the effects of sound insulation and noise reduction, heat insulation, heat insulation and decorative design.


The project cost of the geodesic starry sky hotel tent is more affordable. A six-meter diameter dome tent  with an area of 28 square meters, even if you add intelligent electric windows and electric panoramic sunroofs, the market price is not expensive, and it is a product of relative gender. In terms of market prices of hundreds of thousands, this is undoubtedly more attractive to investors. And the main purpose of the spherical outdoor hotel tent is universal. In addition to the accommodation hotel, it can also be used as a specialty restaurant, a song hotel restaurant, a film casting screen, and even a commercial service exhibition. It has the characteristics of easy assembly and disassembly and unique design. The design style allows it to release its unique style no matter where it is used, which attracts the eyes of many people.

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