How to Choose a Best Tent for Resort & Camp

December 18,2019

With the development of cultural tourism, the luxury glamping tent hotel is a modular structure product that has been well received by the majority of camp developers. For scenic spots, in addition to providing a large amount of accommodation, this architectural style is also rich in interesting architectural shapes.

Generally speaking, the configuration of a tent hotel includes the main support structure, tarpaulin, door and window systems, etc. This is the main structure of a tent hotel. In addition, how to choose the supporting facilities of the tent hotel?

1. Platform structure

Although the platform system has increased the construction cost of the tent hotel in the camp, this can extend the area of the tent hotel, and the spacious viewing terrace also improves the comfort of the tent hotel. The platform includes an assembled galvanized steel frame system and a wooden platform system. The steel frame system can be used on flat or sloped surfaces, which can raise the ground to 0.5-1.5 meters above the ground, so that it can not only ensure that the platform is on a horizontal surface. , but also achieve the dry and wet separation of the accommodation floor and outdoor ground. There are a variety of materials for the floor, usually 25-30mm anti-corrosive wood flooring with 3-4mm SPC lock floor. Moisture-proof cushion is also essential.

2. Wall partition

Tent hotels can make free use of space, and are good at using walls to enrich your space. However, the choice of the wall is also very particular. In addition to the different colors and patterns of the surface, soft and hard to choose from, the hard wall can also be made of thermal insulation sandwich material. It can be used in northern winter to better resist the cold and effectively soundproof Moisture-proof.

3. Lighting facilities

Outdoor tent hotel lighting is very important. In order to live comfortably, to avoid high light intensity and not too glare, try to choose warm light soft lighting, in addition to the lighting inside the tent, if there is an outdoor viewing terrace may It also involves wall lamps and floor lamps. Waterproofing should be considered when selecting these outdoor lamps. Based on this, the form of the lamps should be carefully selected according to style.

4. Sanitary system

If your tent hotel is used for accommodation, a good set of independent bathroom systems is definitely a matter of improving the happiness of outdoor living. Nowadays, the independent bathroom systems used by many hotels on the market, with reasonable space planning in the early stage, can also create star-like hotels. The same comfortable independent bathroom system should be planned according to the actual area of each tent.

5. Other facilities

Tent hotel hardware should be assembled after the hardware is assembled. For example, comfortable luxury beds and bedding, and cotton and linen curtains with better light shielding can improve the comfort of accommodation. Appropriate fresh greens can be used as embellishments in rooms, air conditioning and The stove is also a good helper for winter warmth and summer coolness. It is more intimate to provide guests with slippers, umbrellas, and toiletries. Outdoor observation decks can be equipped with coffee tables and chairs, leisure rattan chairs, barbecue grills, stargazing binoculars and other leisure facilities. These can allow travelers to have a higher sense of participation and integration in outdoor camp life, not just staying in the hotel to sleep Just a sleep.

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