How to Plan Dome Tents to Integrate with the Environment

April 09,2021

The planning of the spherical tent hotel involves product design, internal layout, external settings, lighting system, exhaust system, sewage system, etc. How to plan the spherical tent to integrate with the environment?

First of all, in the display of the spherical tent, glass tents are used as the product appearance frame. The glass has both advantages such as beauty, heat insulation and noise prevention. If double-layer glass is used, the effect of heat insulation and noise prevention will be better. 

Secondly, in terms of space division, based on the principles of "dynamic and static separation" and "wet and dry separation", the inner part is set up with functional zones such as rest areas, activity areas, bathing areas, and viewing areas, which ensure the residents in the spherical tent to the maximum The comfortable function of living inside, and if there is a friend coming, there is also an independent negotiation space to ensure the privacy of the occupants.

Third, for product construction requirements, it is recommended to build on a green lawn flat ground so that the product as a whole is integrated with the environment to form a beautiful landscape in the green space.

Fourth, in order to meet the function of drainage and sewage during living, the ground is raised and the sewage system is buried in the ground. At the same time, it also plays a waterproof and moisture-proof role, prolongs the use time of the product, and can avoid the post-construction due to uneven ground. Difficulty.

Fifth, fences, outdoor umbrellas and viewing bars are added around the product, which not only has an exclusive sense of privacy, but also allows you to enjoy the beautiful outdoor scenery in different seasons, forming a unique feature of each product.




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