Using the Tension Membrane Structure Carport in Winter

October 09,2020

The weather is cold in winter, so there are a lot of things that everyone needs to pay attention to when using the tension membrane structure carport, What should be paid attention to when using the tension membrane structure carport in winter? Let me introduce you in detail!

It is snowing when winter is coming. It is also a test for the fabric membrane structure carport. Because the current popular carports are beautifully designed, but whether the load on the carports after rain or snow is considered in the design? Because many simple carports do not take these factors into account. May cause safety hazards.

Please pay attention to the carport when you use it or park or park in public places to see if the membrane structure of the carport has any deformation, rust or other potential safety risks. If there is a relatively heavy rain or snow forecast, the owner should try not to use these sites. Because the year and the design may be damaged and collapsed during such heavy snow.

Unsafe parking may cause damage to the vehicle, and personnel may also be in danger. The projectile and rust dust falling on the steel structure of the membrane structure parking shed are blown by the blowing device, and the dropped pellet and dust mixture is conveyed by the recovery screw to the chamber funnel, and the vertical and horizontal screw conveyor is collected at the lower part of the elevator, and then lifted to In the separator in the upper part of the machine, the separated pure projectiles fall into the separator hopper for the shot blasting cycle.

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