How is the Wind Resistance of the Inflatable Membrane Structure?

May 12,2021

In the season of strong winds, most large cities often worry about the risks of strong winds and typhoons when considering the structure of inflatable membranes. Can the inflatable membrane structure withstand the pressure generated by strong wind? Can the problems of compression resistance, seismic resistance and strong wind resistance be handled?

Many people think that the inflatable membrane is like an outdoor tent, and it looks weak and weak. But in fact, this is not the case. When the inflatable membrane structure is constructed in typhoon-prone areas, the inflatable membrane structure manufacturer will tailor the plan design and engineering construction plan to ensure that the inflatable membrane structure is not inferior to China. traditional building.

Therefore, in contrast to traditional Chinese architecture, although it looks weak and weak, the concrete "externally rigid and internally flexible" can maintain its stand tall in a typhoon. The inflatable membrane has its own unique wind-resistant and firm method. Let me give you a detailed explanation:

Wind resistance method 1: high flexibility and modifier tensile properties of architectural membrane raw materials.

The inflatable membrane structure engineering building is basically the same as the general outdoor tent in everyone's impression, and it is soft and vulnerable. In fact, one of the reasons why inflatable membranes are often less harmed by typhoons is the softness of the high-toughness architectural membranes they choose. The softness of the membrane raw material as a building decoration material makes the inclined surface design of the inflatable membrane very possible, and the air resistance undertaken by the inclined surface design structure can be minimized. In typhoon-prone areas, select membrane materials with relatively resilient and high tensile strength to improve the compressive strength of the membrane structure.

Anti-wind method two: effective overall planning and design solutions adapted to current conditions

Before building an inflatable membrane structure engineering building, we will thoroughly understand the requirements of the owner, and then we will check and master the local climatic conditions and materials. According to the main parameters of the inflatable membrane to be built on the spot, the relative membrane raw materials and the plan are selected.

Wind resistance method 3: Intelligent system real-time monitoring system adjustment automatic control system.

Each new project of inflatable membrane is equipped with an intelligent system of real-time monitoring system adjustment automatic control system. The automatic system software will adjust the internal standard air pressure of the air film with the change of external wind speed to resist the harm of wind speed. According to the adjustment of its own standard air pressure, the harm of typhoon will be reduced to less. Inflatable membranes are even stronger than some engineering buildings that generally look like copper walls and iron walls.

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