Geodesic Dome Tent combination makes the most Beautiful Desert Resort & Camp - Oman

February 22,2020

The desert area has been sparsely populated for a long time, and has always maintained a strong mysterious color and exotic style. It is a mysterious place that many people yearn to experience. However, in such a deserted Middle Eastern desert, there is a luxurious tent restaurant that you cannot imagine!

In addition to oil, the most attractive thing about Oman is the natural scenery of this country. Because of its climate and geographical location, this country not only has a fascinating desert scenery, but also a country with ocean scenery. Because of its beautiful scenery and the current Omani people are very hospitable, Oman is now a popular tourist destination for tourists from all over the world.

The spherical geodome tent is very suitable for constructing luxurious and comfortable campsites in the desert. The spherical tent with a diameter of 6-10 meters is used for tourists' accommodation. At the same time, a geodesic dome diameter of 25-40 meters can be selected for reception, cafes, service centers, large restaurants, events. The space requirements of various services and supporting facilities, such as venues, can well solve the public service supporting planning problems of scenic camps! The spherical interior is a completely net-spanned area, which can be used freely in the creation of the interior. The customer turned the spherical tent into a five-star wild luxury tent resort with exotic features through exquisite interior decoration!

The goedome tent design reserves part of the transparent viewing space. The dining process can not only provide a glimpse of the surrounding scenery. At night, you can look up at the stars and enjoy the wonderful experience of dining under the stars! Every detail in the tent restaurant has been carefully designed. The interior water and electricity layout, lighting and air conditioning are all available to create a luxurious and comfortable dining environment. The restaurant is also equipped with astronomical telescopes, allowing visitors to explore the vastness of the starry sky for you. A unique and unforgettable experience!

Due to geographical constraints, many scenic camps are not suitable for the construction of fixed buildings, while spherical tents have fewer restrictions on the terrain conditions, and the construction does not damage the environment. The stable frame structure can withstand wind and rain for 10 years, even in deserts and mountains. There is no problem in an environment like the seashore!

In view of the advantages of spherical tents, in terms of cost, efficiency and practicality, they are very suitable for the supporting space requirements of various scenic camps. The spherical tents will become the choice of supporting spaces for scenic camps in the future!

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