Features Tensioned Membrane Structure Tent Hotel

February 24,2020

Membrane structure tent hotel is a tent hotel with membrane structure material as the main raw material. Tent hotel as a popular product of the current tourist attractions by many travelers love. In terms of material type selection of tent hotels, tent hotels with various characteristics of tension-membrane structure are often the first choice of tent hotels. Why does this happen? What are the advantages of membrane structure tent hotel?
1. Rich modeling. Film material tarpaulin in color, transparency and other appearance style has a variety of choices, and compared with other PC board and a series of hard shading materials, it can rely on the film itself tension stress and support rod and cable for bending changes, to shape a different film shape. For the hotel to attract consumers by distinctive modelling tent, such strong modelling ability not only can the design of the hotel building diversified for tents, at the same time, the appropriate design can make the tent hotel better integrated into the surrounding environment, so the tensioned membrane design team according to the characteristics of scenic camp itself, for the customer design to build a suitable membrane structure tents hotel product!

2. The membrane material itself has good performance. Membrane structure tent hotel membrane is a non-toxic polymer material. It has the characteristics of tasteless, after installation without a trace of taste. In addition, it has the characteristics of strong uv resistance and strong reflection light, and its tear resistance, and B1/M2 level flame retardant performance, and a very strong service life, the general life is more than 20 years.
3. Steel structure design and membrane cloth modeling design are included in the design of membrane structure with strong ability to resist natural environment. Steel structures are designed to take into account the challenges of wind, rain, snow, hail, earthquakes and a range of inclement weather and natural destructive forces. So the steel structure has to be designed as a permanent building. Film cloth design to consider the beauty and safety, because of the particularity of film cloth, its shape is diverse, so the price of film cloth is higher than ordinary PVC materials.

4. Low maintenance cost at the later stage of membrane structure. Steel structure later to regularly check the corrosion of steel structure, generally two years can do a rust inspection. Film cloth itself has a certain degree of self-cleaning, as long as the local monthly a certain amount of rain, most of the dust can be washed off, if there is no rain for a long time, the use of the unit can regularly wash film cloth, no matter how much dust can be washed off. It'll be as good as new. Therefore, membrane structure is also a consumption behavior of one-time investment.
Above is the detailed introduction of membrane structure tent hotel, membrane structure tent can be designed into residential houses, resort attractions, characteristic town buildings, yurts and so on according to the needs, so it is highly recommended.

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