What is Glass Geodesic Dome Tent?

February 20,2020

The glass geodome tent is made of high-strength lightweight aluminum alloy and Low-e glass. The frame is made of high-strength aluminum alloy suitable for embedding glass. The cover is made of low-e glass or transparent PC panles. The glass covers has a good lighting effect, which can meet the requirements of thermal insulation, increasing the indoor heat of the sun room, sound insulation and noise reduction, and improving the environmental protection and low carbon effect. While providing the tent's safety and stability and wind resistance, the lightweight material still retains the characteristics of easy transportation and construction! The glass geodesic dome is not restricted on the construction site, whether it is on the hard concrete ground or the grass, it can be easily built in the mud.

The cover of the glass dome tent is fully transparent glass or PC panles. This not only enhances the weather resistance / snow resistance of the glass geo-dome, but also enhances the appearance and space of the tent!

The glass dome is not only exquisite in appearance, but also safe and stable in performance. It can be used in exhibitions, festivals, wedding banquets, party events, etc. The most commonly used glass dome is camping &glamping in the wild. When staying in a glass dome in hotel & resort accommodation, you can experience unusual feelings.

Glass spherical tent safety performance:

1. Waterproof performance: The glass or PC board has good water resistance, even if there is heavy rain outdoors, it has no effect on the tent!

2. Flame retardant performance: The glass or PC board material used in the tent cover has been tested by many international agencies, and the fire safety meets international standards!

3. Wind resistance: The tent frame adopts a unique mesh shell structure and high-strength aluminum alloy profiles, which can resist the wind of 100-120km/h!

4.Stable construction: The tent can be easily set up on any site, even on soft ground such as grass and beach!

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