Classification of Membrane Structure Building Forms

February 14,2020

It can be divided into:
1.Frame Supported Structure
The structural form of the roof frame made of steel structure or integrated material, and the membrane material is stretched above it, the lower support structure has high stability. Because the roof shape is relatively simple, the openings are not easy to be restricted, and it has high economic benefits. It is widely applicable. For any large and small space.

2.Tension Suspension Structure
It is composed of membrane material, steel cable and pillar, and the tension is introduced into the membrane material by steel cable and pillar to achieve a stable form. In addition to being able to practice creative, innovative and beautiful shapes, it is also the structural form that can best show the spirit of the membrane structure. Large-span spaces also mostly adopt the form of a steel cable net composed of steel cables and compressed materials to support the upper membrane material. Due to high construction accuracy requirements, strong structural performance, and rich expressive power, the construction cost is slightly higher than that of the skeleton membrane structure.

3. Inflatable membrane structure
The inflatable membrane structure is to fix the membrane material around the roof structure. After the indoor air pressure is raised to a certain pressure by the air supply system, a pressure difference is generated inside and outside the roof to resist external forces. It is supported by air pressure and steel cables are used as auxiliary materials. Without any beam or column support, it can get more space, fast construction, and high economic benefits, but it needs to maintain 24 hours blower operation, which is higher in the cost of continuous operation and machine maintenance costs.

Today, more and more membrane structures can be seen in cities. Membrane structures have been applied to various types of building structures and play an indispensable role in our cities.

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