Brand-New Design, A Special Eco House Building That Will Make Your Eyes Shine!

August 17,2020

At present, wild glamping huts are still in their infancy in China, and famous foreign luxury hotels are very unique. It is difficult to find another tent hotel that is exactly the same in terms of appearance and interior. There is a horse-drawn carriage-shaped wild luxury hotel in central Australia, which attracts many tourists; there is also a famous tent hotel in the Golden Triangle area of ​​Thailand. !

As a domestic first-class canopy camping tent manufacture, BDiR has a strong design team. Its products are innovative, novel and unique, and are favored by investors. Let’s take a look at this unique tent house style.

1. Hexagonal shape hotel tent
BDiR Inc. can design unique tent hotels according to customer needs. For example, this hexagonal tent has a unique appearance. The tarpaulin adopts patented pre-stretching technology, which makes the tarpaulin safe and non-stretchable, and has strong wind and water drainage functions. Moreover, it adopts a double-layer tarpaulin structure, which has good heat insulation and heat preservation effect and solid materials.

The internal area of ​​the lodge is spacious, and the corresponding accommodation facilities are all available. Double bed, TV, bar, sofa, shower room, bathtub, wash basin, toilet, etc., are better than standard hotel rooms, we can also provide interior decoration The design plan helps you create a unique accommodation environment.

In addition to a single hexagon, three can be combined to form a large suite, which is suitable for a family to live together. While enjoying the beautiful scenery, you can also enjoy family happiness. I believe this is also the wish of many parents!

2. Twin Peaks shape Tent
There is no restriction on the construction site of the Safari Wild Luxury Double Peak Tent. The combined aluminum alloy structure is flexible to disassemble, sturdy and safe, and has strong wind resistance. It can be built on general flat ground, such as grass, concrete, and sand.

The waterproof camping tents has a good sound insulation and heat insulation function, creating a comfortable outdoor space that is warm in winter and cool in summer, and redefines outdoor camping! You can also choose a large suite tent, which is suitable for a family to live together. While enjoying the beautiful scenery, you can also enjoy family happiness. I believe this is also the wish of many parents!

3. The safari luxury tent composed of 360° floor-to-ceiling windows
Staying in the tent hotel built by Qixing definitely makes tourists worth the fare. For example, this 360° non-dead corner glass double-peak tent can enjoy the surrounding scenery in all directions during the day, and draw the curtain at night to maintain privacy and quietness. Enjoy your own leisure time.

BDiR currently specializes in providing tent house design customization and tent camp planning services for tourist attractions and special camps. The team has a number of top designers in the province, bringing a new style of concept design to tent hotels, as well as leading technology research and development and The structural engineering department provides the most suitable structural plan for realizing the various needs and ideas of customers, and continuously introduces innovative products that meet the market!

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