Which Type of Cottage Tent is Suitable for the Scenic Area? BDiR's New Design Will Make You a Special Tent Hotel!

August 14,2020

Camp tents in scenic areas are not simple tents that we usually use outdoors, nor are they simple folding tents used for exhibitions and sales. They are semi-permanent luxury tent hotels built outdoors, and the decoration configuration is equivalent to that of star hotels to provide a comfortable experience.When planning a camp and buying a camp eco house, which tent hotel is most suitable?

In outdoors, pod tents can play many roles, but for tent hotels used in camps or scenic areas, the most important thing is to have a decorative and comfortable living experience. First of all, choose the most suitable hotel tent according to the characteristics and topography of your scenic spot.

Generally, the scenic area should form a preliminary scale, there should be at least 20 sets of pup tent, the glass tent should match the restaurant, the big tent room should match the tourist service center, the pointed tent room can be used as a reception hall, and the double-layer tent room can be used Make coffee shop, room and book bar. Although a variety of tent hotels are used in the scenic area, it is necessary to choose the most suitable scenic area for your use to obtain the effect.

If the scenic spot is aimed at mass consumers, then the spherical tent is more suitable for ordinary consumers. If it is aimed at the middle-end consumer group, the combined geodesic dome tent or European top tent hotel is more suitable. If targeting high-end consumer groups, a polygonal tent hotel with a novel appearance will be more suitable!

At present, the dome house specifications are 5-10 meters in diameter (of course, it can also be customized according to requirements), but the size of the spherical tent depends on actual needs. For example, the size of the scenic spot, the number of tents required, and the capital budget. The spherical tent with a diameter of 6 meters is about 28 square meters. It can be equipped with small furniture and simple decorations to create a larger indoor space and the price is relatively affordable. If you have enough funds, you can choose a larger diameter specification. The main body of the spherical tent is composed of galvanized iron pipe and waterproof tarpaulin. In order to highlight the differentiation of tents and attract tourists, the sphere design of Haolaiju Hotel tents is more diverse, introducing many new materials and designing hotel tents of different styles.

The polygonal camping shelter is composed of hexagonal tents and octagonal tents. Using high-strength aluminum alloy frame, the wall can be tempered glass, ABS wall, decorative hanging board, etc. Due to the aluminum alloy frame, the polygonal tent room can be used outdoors for a long time. The tent cloth is made of PVC membrane material. It has high water resistance and flame retardancy, beautiful appearance and high-end atmosphere. However, the price is relatively high. Generally aimed at high-end consumers.

For a perfect camping site and scenic area, it is necessary not only to provide comfortable accommodation, but also areas with various uses such as services, entertainment, and restaurants. If you want to make the camp more distinctive, you can choose a variety of hotel tents, large spherical tents, not only have enough space to divide different functional areas, but also can build a large integrated service center or theme restaurant tent camp!

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