Membrane Structure Building that Can Resist Super Typhoon

August 24,2020

When the typhoon season comes, owners have to worry about whether their outdoor roof fabric structure can withstand the typhoon.

In our tensile awning structures design, the owners in areas with high typhoon incidence often ask whether our design can withstand the 12th typhoon, and some owners even propose to resist the strongest typhoon in history (the 17th typhoon).

In terms of resistance to strong winds in tensile structures construction, our experience is as follows:

1. Design according to national standards;
2. Purchasing raw materials and accessories in accordance with specifications (do not cut corners);
3. Processing according to specifications;
4. Transport in accordance with regulations;
5. The installation is installed according to the specification.

A real engineering company implements architectural engineering with a responsible attitude, doing tensile fabric roof structures with heart!

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