Benefits of Tensile Membrane Structure in Sewage Plants

November 12,2019

With the popularity of membrane structure construction, the use is gradually increasing, and it has its unique advantages in many fields of various industries. The application of membrane structure in sump capping is relatively representative.

The most effective way to treat the odorous gas in the sewage pool is to seal and seal the sewage pool, and then exchange air through the air inlet and the air outlet to pump the malodorous gas into the intelligent device for deodorization treatment. The malodorous gas is divergent and easily affects the surrounding environment. Therefore, the sealed collection of malodorous gas is a prerequisite for deodorization treatment. There are many engineering cases in the sewage tank membrane structure. In addition to the deodorization of the sewage tank, the membrane structure environmental protection series is also applicable to the anaerobic tank, sludge concentration tank and biological flocculation tank of the sewage treatment plant.

Sewage tank membrane structure capping has the following advantages:

1. Good chemical resistance;
2. weather resistance, UV resistance and moisture resistance;
3. with static removal performance;
4. with easy installation and disassembly, good flame retardant effect;
5. strong impact resistance;
6. with insulation and sound insulation
7. strong and durable;

8. low price and long service life.

Sewage tank capping membrane structure material description: generally can be divided into two types of tensioned membrane structure and skeleton-supported membrane structure, they have different structural features, architectural expressions, adapt to different application sites. The steel-supported anti-sling film structure is a new type of structure specially developed for the sewage tank capping. Corrosion-resistant membrane material is selected as the covering material, and the corrosion-resistant environment of the sewage pool is adapted by the form of anti-lifting.

The steel-supported anti-slinging membrane structure has the characteristics of durability, safety, convenient installation and maintenance, aesthetics and economy. It has more advantages than the traditional ordinary carbon steel skeleton + solar panel and stainless steel skeleton + glass steel plate, in the sewage treatment tank and the biogas pool. Covering the above is worth promoting. Therefore, the best choice for sewage tank capping - steel support anti-sling membrane structure

Smelly gas pollution in sewage treatment plants has always been the most headache problem for the people involved. However, gas collection in large pools (such as sludge oxidation ditch, concentration tank, and digester) is the most difficult problem. Large span, long life and long life. degree. The ingenious feature of the steel-supported anti-suspended UV membrane structure is the “reverse suspension”, which uses a membrane material with strong corrosion resistance to cover the exhaust gas, and the steel structure suspends the membrane on the outside.

This not only exerts the corrosion resistance of the membrane, but also fundamentally solves the corrosion problem caused by the contact of the steel structure with the corrosive gas. Therefore, the steel structure can be designed according to the anticorrosion grade of the ordinary building steel structure, with 50 years. The service life of the steel structure is achieved, and the perfect combination of the structural skeleton and the covering material is realized.

In addition, the steel-supported anti-sling film structure has the following characteristics:

1. The service life: the membrane part is 10-15 years, and the steel structure part is 50 years;
2. Suitable for large span pools;
3. the film itself has good anti-corrosion performance, light weight, the most advantageous for the large-span pool body, diverse shapes, beautiful and novel;
4. quick installation: steel production and fabric processing are carried out in the factory, the processing quality is guaranteed. The on-site installation time is short, reducing the occupation of the site. In particular, the old pool body renovation project can take the structural overall lifting, and does not affect the equipment operation inside the pool body.
5. convenient maintenance: due to the requirements of the process, the need to regularly repair and inspection of the equipment, can be resolved by the way of the door and channel on the side fabrci.

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