Tensile Structures for Gymnasium

November 13,2019

Tensile structures have large spans, few ridges, outstanding visual functions, rich in colors, practical use of sunshade and rain shelter, quick and simple construction, modern art design, It’s the best architectural form for gymnasium and stadiums. Tensile structures are used as many World Cup stadiums, NBA basketball halls, tennis halls and more sports architectures!

Gymnasium & Stadium Tensile Structures Advantages: 

1. Light weight: Tensile structures are only one-thirtieth of the weight of traditional constructions. This also make tensile structures fundamentally overcome the difficulties and encountered when traditional structures are realized on large-span (unsupported) constructions, especially for large stadiums and other constructions that require huge unobstructed visual space. 

2. Natural light: Membrane fabrics are translucent and guarantee excellent, uniform light. Natural light helps players feel more comfortable, and also avoids electricity cost during the day. Of course we can also install LED light spotlights that allow your courts to be used at night. 
3. Great Aesthetics: Stadium is generally an iconic construction in the urban area. At night, light illuminates the night sky through membrane of the top cover, create a very dreamy visual function. 
4. Long lasting nature: The result of highly sophisticated engineering technology, tensile systems comply with stringent construction codes. Depends on the type of membrane and specific project requirements, these superior structures perform well in extreme environments and fluctuating weather conditions. 

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