You Need a Geodesic Dome to Complete Your Stay in the Epic Bardenas Reales

October 10,2020

Do you know where is the real-life place of the home to the Khalasars in Game of Thrones? It is the majestic Bardenas Reales!

Located in the northern part of Spain, the lunar landscapes of the semi-desert of Bardenas Reales Natural Park is comprising the Natural Reserve ‘Rincón del Bú’ and the Reserva Natural ‘Caídas de la Negra’,blessed with evergreen Juniperus forest, woodland or scrubsaline steppes, ravines and valleys in deforested areas. Some Mediterranean grazing lands, reeds and sedges of permanent water bodies, matorral, and agroecosystems are also found. The biosphere reserve contains one of the populations of griffon vulture more extense in the Iberian peninsula. The bird’s community exceeds 100 varieties of species such as the rapacious great bustard, sison and the stone curlew. 

Besides, it’s just over an hour from Pamplona, an hour and a half from Zaragoza, and three and a half hours from Madrid. Madrid and Zaragoza both have international airports and AVE high-speed trains.

If you want to see a unique natural space, it is hard to beat the Bardenas Reales and a geodesic dome

After a day of exploring this beautiful and intriguing land, you deserve to be cradled in the tender of a crystal dome tent, admiring glistening sands under the moon, and the sleeping with the stars, dreaming about how to train your dragon, or your story of "The Lord of the Rings", or everything about adventure and bravery.

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