Why is the Price of Outdoor Tent Hotel Catching up with a Five-Star Hotel?

November 07,2019

A rare travel vacation, where everyone always wants to go: First, the scenery is better, the mountains are clear and the air is fresh; the second is to be clean and peaceful, away from the city, and enjoy the quiet time with yourself, friends and relatives; Features, blended into the local traditional culture of the hotel, and is not in the city; Fourth, there must be featured cultural activities to make the travel activities rich and colorful, the pressure is released.

1. Advantages of tent hotels over traditional hotels:
Judging from the scenic environment in which the tent hotel is located, the price of some tent hotels that are already mature is very expensive. His strength lies in the beautiful scenery, the quiet environment, and its continuous improvement & increased activities, and operation of butler services.

2. Service factors affecting the price of the tent hotel:
In a tent hotel, like a secluded mystery surrounded by virgin forests and turbulent waters, let humans get close to nature, and comfortable accommodations achieve a harmonious unity, and a unique jungle spa that keeps you away from the world, and five star room in a class hotel is completely different from the spa, which is really safe and comfortable.

3. Environmental factors affecting the price of the tent hotel:
Looking at the tent hotel in the desert, it also has a boutique outdoor campsite, high-level facilities and services, combined with breathtaking desert sunrise and sunset, helicopter browsing and famous hiking routes, delicious desert barbecue, In the evening, you are lying on the balcony of the tent hotel, feel the serenity and tranquility of the desert, let the world go away, let the body and mind return to zero, and let the soul be released.

4. Investment factors affecting the price of the tent hotel:
Combining the location of the tent hotel, it can be seen that the tent hotel sells a unique attraction around the hotel. The project is accompanied by a private butler and the luxurious interiors are decorated according to local cultural features, so that visitors can leave when they check in. The city is bored, imprisoned, feel the nature and discover the beauty of travel and accommodation; this is also the new attitude of tourism, more tourists are no longer satisfied with the city's convenient hotel copy-type accommodation.

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