What is a Tent Hotel?

October 12,2020

The tent hotel is actually a temporary fabric building, which is convenient and quick to build in every terrain. The reinforced concrete structure used in modern buildings is solid and comfortable, but lacks the atmosphere of dialogue with the stars and nature.

Therefore, the tent hotel brings a kind of lifestyle to enjoy the wilderness of the people who living in the busy city. The beginning of a leisurely weekend, Feel the nature, the yearning for the pursuit of camper, but in the pursuit of nature Also hope to have a comfortable and comfortable sleeping environment.

Luxury camping&glamping is gradually being put on the agenda. Different from outdoor camping more than 20 years ago, luxury Glamping has become the latest trend of wealthy people who want to pursue wild tourists. When camping in the wild, don't worry about mosquito bites. Disturbed, in the luxury camping, completely free sleep environment, breaking the shackles of the four walls of the traditional luxury suite, but it has the same feel as a five-star hotel.
The use of people: urban white-collar workers, life is always running at a high speed on a given track, often feeling physically and mentally exhausted or lost, they are very willing to spend money to buy calm. Therefore, tent hotels should be positioned at this level, and the pursuit of diversification and high quality of life is the main line of tent design and combines the characteristics of wild life.

Design ideas: general tent hotels will include crepe, insulation and cold protection, lighting, anti-mosquito, partition, viewing, power supply, lighting and other systems.

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