What Kind Of Fabric Is The Tarp Of A Luxury Glamping Tent

February 05,2021

Eco glamping tents are semi-permanent temporary buildings. The waterproof, anti-aging, and self-cleaning properties of the hotel tent tarpaulin are issues that customers are more concerned about.

1. Hotel tent fabric is waterproof, anti-aging and self-cleaning;

Normally, tarpaulin fabrics of the glamping hotel tent are excellent tarpaulin fabrics with PVC knife coating synthetic fiber cloth. The manufacture of hotel tents requires advanced processing technology. As an important material for tents, tarpaulin needs to be jointly developed with upstream manufacturers. The surface of the hotel tent fabric will be treated with two major surface treatment technologies: PVDF and base fabric anti-seepage absorption, which not only has water resistance, but also has the characteristics of self-cleaning, mildew resistance, anti-aging, and flame retardant.

2.Various colors for luxury glamping tents are available.

Luxury hotel tent is a fashionable and popular product. It integrates culture and tourism. The conventional colors of tarpaulin fabrics are: silver gray, black, red, yellow, green, white, blue, beige, camouflage, etc.  It not only can meet the needs of customers In terms of function, but are available in various colors in terms of appearance , which make it  more literary and artistic. Not only blending into nature, but even adding color to nature.

3.The hotel tent tarpaulin are customizable with personalized graphics

The fabric of the tent hotel tarpaulin can be customized according to customer needs, or DIY hotel theme colors, using anti-UV digital inkjet or silk screen printing for various graphic printing, making the appearance of the tent hotel into a more distinctive hotel tent .

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