What is the Development Prospect of Hotel Tents in the Tourism Industry?

February 10,2020

Hotel tents are luxurious hotel furniture and unique hotel environment, forming a personalized living and service level. The luxury of its environment comes from "outdoor camping and luxury inside", that is, the appearance and environment are harmonious, but its interior is beautiful. The uniqueness of its hotel tent depends on "returning to its true meaning", that is, the number of rooms is not so much, but it is delicate and comfortable. 

1. Market

Glamping tents are booming in the global tourism industry. The reason lies in two aspects. One is to encourage the development of environmental protection tourism industry for countries around the world. The second is the desire of more and more people for eco-tourism exploration.

2. Consumers

More and more people want to personalize their trips, get close to nature, retain the wild nature of camping, and have luxurious and comfortable accommodation. With a longing mind, to experience a simple lifestyle is also what most people desire.

3. Environmental protection

Tented Villas are made of modular steel frames and environmentally friendly membranes. Therefore, the disruption of the land is relatively small. It does not damage the deep farming ground and is easy to set up.

4. Quality

Hotel tents are not simple camping tents. Their quality is guaranteed by the performance of wind resistance, heat insulation, fire and water resistance.

5. Luxury

Although the tent hotel is in the wilderness, the living facilities in the tent are all readily available. The solid wood-colored dining table and white tableware, comfortable and soft sofas, exquisite floor lamps, air conditioners, water heaters, etc., the overall decoration is elegant and chic, with a design Inspiration and artistic flavor, accompanied by Chinese paintings of landscape images, seem to be moving the tent directly into the painting.

6. Diversity

Hotel tents have different styles, with Chinese-style rooms with strong Chinese elements; noble and elegant European-style rooms; highly flavored Southeast Asian rooms, and modern post-modern rooms .

The best thing I can think of is to quietly waste time with you in a luxurious tent hotel. The faint wind, low clouds, fields and cascades unfolded slowly before their eyes. There are no smog or traffic jams. My heart is filled with an accordion-like rural sonata.

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