Geodesic Dome Camp for Explorer & Ecotourist in Guatemala National Park

April 09,2021

A natural eco-tour to Costa Rica, a great place for health travel!

The climatic characteristics of the Talamanca Yangzhi-La Amistad Reserve and the fertility of the soil, the region presents a colorful landscape that constitutes many different habitats. In the Talamanca Yangzhi-Amisted Reserve, you can admire the forests in the clouds, the scenery of the Little Man, the desolate valleys, the descendants of Xibu, and the holy birds worshipped by the Aztecs. The unique Talamanca Yangzhi La Amistad Reserve covers more than 800,000 hectares and is located in the middle of the Americas, at the junction of Costa Rica and Panama. The reserve is a trace of the Quaternary glaciers, where flora and fauna in North and South America are mixed, mixed, and tropical rainforest covers most of the protected area.

The Monteverde Cloud Forest is a tropical rainforest about 1700 meters above sea level. As the earth warms, if the temperature rises, the cloud will rise even higher. If the temperature rises by 1 °C to 2 °C in the next 50 years, it will be against the tropical cloud forest. The combination of biodiversity and biology has a significant impact. The Monteverde Cloud Forest is located in central Costa Rica. It is a tropical rainforest about 1,700 meters high. It has majestic trees, colorful orchids, pineapples, ferns, vines and moss. It is the habitat of many rare animals and plants. With the growing place.

The land and coastal environment of the Guanacaste Nature Reserve is important for ecological activities, including: evolution, continuation and restoration of tropical tropical dryland forests; highland colonization, other interactive organisms and ecology Activities, as well as the rise and development of coral populations and reefs.

The Ostional National Wildlife Refuge covers an area of 85.7 square kilometers and is located in the South American country of Costa Rica. It is part of the Tempisk Protected Area and belongs to the Wildlife Sanctuary. Costa Rica’s Ostional National Wildlife Refuge is one of the two most important spawning grounds in the world.

The luxury safari glamping dome is meticulously designed and engineered, these dome structures are as striking as they are comfortable, luxurious and optimally practical. And because these tents are also easy to transport and purpose-built for non-invasive set-ups, you can take your guests to previously inaccessible or eco-sensitive areas without the risk of doing harm to Mother Nature. The geodesic dome is the best ideal for accommodation in the eco-tourism area of Costa Rica. It's the most cost-effective ecological accommodation, and it can be built safely and lasting anywhere in the mountains, rainforest, jungle, etc.

BDiR Inc. is engaged in offering a complete turn-key solution for glamping dome camp&resort. 

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